Financial Advice – The Benefits

Individuals and families who get financial advice are happier, wealthier and have more certainty and control over their financial future than those who do not.

A report by KPMG (1) found that Australians who have a financial planner saved more and have a greater investment balance than those who do not get advice. Specifically:

  • Investment balance was on average higher by 24%
  • Yearly savings was on average higher by 61%

Another study by Galaxy Research (2) found that 90% of Australian’s who engaged a financial planner had benefited from the experience. Specifically, they had:

  • Peace of mind (mentioned by 66% of those surveyed)
  • Greater control over finances (63%)
  • Prospect of a more comfortable retirement (62%)
  • Avoiding bad investments (54%)
  • Ability to save (46%)

For more information and details of the references referred to above, please download the White Paper.

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(1) KPMG Econtech Report, 2009, Value Proposition of Financial Advisory Networks, prepared by KPMG Econtech for the Investment & Financial Services Association.

(2) Galaxy Research Report, 2007, Consumer Attitudes to Financial Planning, prepared by Galaxy Research for the Financial Planning Association.

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