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In today’s workplace ‘jobs for life’ have been replaced by ‘career pathways’ as we move between education, employers, self-employment, family commitments, careers and travel.

These new working conditions reinforce the importance of a ‘whole-of-life’ approach to super and insurance – a personal super and insurance plan that moves with you throughout your working life (and into retirement) if and when you leave your current employer.

It’s all about continuity. You don’t change banks every time you change jobs and you don’t change your mobile number when you change carrier. It keeps life uncomplicated and consistent.

It’s the same with super. By using an ATO standard choice form to instruct your new employer to pay your super contributions into the Personal Superannuation plan of your choice, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

The benefits of “personal” super & insurance

  • It moves with you when you change jobs, employers or become self-employed.
  • No lost opportunities – your super remains invested and your insurances remain in-force at all times.
  • Fewer administrative hassles and paperwork when you least need them.
  • One easy-to-read consolidated statement.
  • No need to decipher different investment or insurance options when you change jobs.

We’re here to help

As you don’t deal with super every day, it’s a good idea to deal with someone that does. To get financial advice on Personal Superannuation & Insurance options, simply contact Prudentia Financial Planning for a free consultation.

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