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5 strategies for successful ‘work from home’ policies

  As Australian businesses implement work from home arrangements as part of their business contingency plans, managers need to consider how to accommodate telecommuting arrangements without sacrificing productivity and team dynamics, says one recruitment firm.  

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Understanding the coming super balance cap changes

  The transfer balance cap is a limit on how much super can be transferred into pension accounts earning tax-free income. On 1 July, this cap will be increased. What might this mean for your retirement income stream?  

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A new crypto world is emerging – the non-fungible token

  What exactly are non-fungible tokens and why are they taking the internet by storm? Here’s a closer look at NFTs and how they work.   

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ATO releases updated guidance on LRBA and Division 7A interaction

  The ATO has updated its guidance on navigating COVID-19 LRBA relief complexities in consideration of Division 7A rules and the processes in the application of NALI.  

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Retirees aren’t sitting on their super: ASFA

  Despite some reports, the vast majority of Australians exhaust their superannuation in retirement according to data that flies in the face of the Retirement Income Review (RIR).  

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Phishing scams that pretend to be very reputable companies – BEWARE!!

  Sophisticated fraudsters are targeting Australian investors with investment 'phishing' scams. Find out what to watch out for so you can avoid being caught up in one.  

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COVID crash: one year on

  It's now been one year since the COVID-19 outbreak sent global markets into freefall. How have investors fared since the 2020 crash and what are the lessons learned?  

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A broad range of Calculators – Tools

  These calculators, along with videos that explain accounting ideas, latest news articles, an easy to use file transfer system, and a portfolio management portal make our website a great place to keep up-to-date and obtain help on many of your financial questions. *  

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Frydenberg flags super freeze

  Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has weighed in on the superannuation debate in the clearest sign yet that the government may be considering a freeze to the legislated increase.  

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ATO’s good-faith approach to crypto won’t last much longer

  The ATO has maintained its good-faith approach to the accounting of cryptocurrencies, though it isn’t expected to last much longer, says a national tax and accounting network.  

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The risks in hunting for higher returns

  How much investment risk are you willing to take? Find out why it's a question all investors should be considering right now.  

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Navigating the post-pandemic challenges and pathways of super for young women

  The knock-on effects the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the superannuation system present an ideal opportunity for young women to begin to better engage with the sector, according to ATO assistant commissioner Sonia Corsini.  

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