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Considering the multiple roles you will play in your lifetime, what would happen if you were no longer able to perform them?

Ask yourself:

– How would it affect your family (or your business)?
– How would it affect your financial position?

An injury or illness could de-rail any well-laid financial plan.

A comprehensive financial protection plan includes the following types of insurance covers:

  • Life insurance
  • Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD)
  • Income Protection
  • Trauma/Critical Illness
  • Business expenses (for business owners)
  • Needle-stick injury cover (for medical & healthcare professionals)

The above insurance covers are meant to complement each other and each has a different role to play.

Free Insurance Assessment

If you require additional help in determining the best insurance cover for management of needlestick injury, or you would like to compare your current policies, contact Prudentia Financial Planning today for a free insurance assessment. We are not owned or associated with any insurance company or financial institution, so we can compare policies from all major insurers to find you the best cover.

Want to know how they work?

To look at each type of insurance in detail, download our free White Paper.

Don’t think you can afford insurance cover?

If structured well, insurance can be affordable. Download our free White Paper to learn how you can reduce your insurance premiums.

And the money you save on premiums can be used to increase your investment or retirement savings.

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