Prudentia Insurance Claims

Over $1M of insurance claims paid to Prudentia clients over last 5 years.
Sometimes it is difficult to justify paying insurance premiums year after year if you haven’t made a claim or know someone who has. I have many stories I could share with you and will do so when time permits. However, to give you a snap shot of the insurance claims I have assisted clients with since 2014, click here… I am only a small practice and I know that insurers do pay a lot more claims than this. The benefits received by these clients include:

  • Pay for 75% of their gross salary while unable to work
  • Pay off/reduce mortgage
  • Pay for medical expenses
  • Pay for travel expenses/holiday to recover 

Please remember, if you are diagnosed with an illness or suffered an injury, your first phone call after seeing your doctor should be to me – so I can help you with the claims process and ensure a speedy payment (assuming you meet the conditions of the policy of course).   

YearOccupationInsurance PolicyTotal PaidPeriod of claim
2014Self employed/CarpenterIncome Protection $       16,246 4.7 months
2015Business owner/home maintenanceIncome Protection $       17,476 3 months
2015Call centre/customer serviceIncome Protection $       81,000 2 years
2016Call centre/customer serviceTotal & Perm. Disablement $       51,840 Lump sum
2016Office/AdminIncome Protection $       74,088 2 years
2018Manager/ExecutiveTrauma $    400,000 Lump sum
2018Office/AdminTotal & Perm. Disablement $    101,816 Lump sum
2018Call centre/customer serviceIncome Protection $       67,152 2 years
2019Executive/ITTrauma $    150,000 Lump sum
2019RetiredWhole of Life $       48,205 Lump sum
2019Call centre/customer serviceClaim in progress
Total value of claims paid $ 1,007,823 

Sofie Korac is an Authorised Representative (No. 400164) of Prudentia Financial Planning Pty Ltd, AFSL 544118 and a member of the Association of Financial Advisers.

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